Children’s Waterproof Digital Camera HD

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Introducing our Children’s Waterproof Digital Camera HD, designed to spark creativity and adventure in your child’s young life. With impressive features and durable construction, this camera empowers young photographers to explore the world through their lens.

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Why Choose Our Children’s Waterproof Digital Camera HD?

We understand the importance of fostering creativity and curiosity in young minds. Our Children’s Waterproof HD Digital Camera provides an excellent platform for kids to explore the art of photography while having fun.

With durable construction and user-friendly features, this camera ensures that your child’s adventures are captured in style. Encourage their love for photography and storytelling with a camera that’s built just for them.

Key Features:

  • Battery Capacity: Enjoy extended playtime with a 600mA battery that keeps the camera running for hours of fun.
  • Quick Charging: Recharge in just 2-3 hours, ensuring minimal downtime between photo sessions.
  • Extended Playtime: The camera provides 3-6 hours of continuous use, capturing all the special moments.
  • Compact and Portable: Designed with young hands in mind, this camera boasts a compact size of 80*60, making it easy for kids to carry and handle.
  • Crystal Clear Display: View your snapshots and recordings on the 2.3-inch liquid crystal screen, offering vivid visuals.
  • Lightweight Design: Weighing only 65g, this camera is lightweight and easy for children to carry, ensuring comfort during use.
  • Easy Connectivity: Transfer photos and videos effortlessly with the USB 2.0 PC interface.
  • : Impressive Resolution: Capture memories in stunning detail with 800W pixels, ensuring sharp and vibrant images.


“Let Your Child Unleash their Inner Photographer – Grab the Children’s Waterproof Digital Camera HD Now!”   Place an Oder Today !


Additional information

Weight 0.13 kg
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 80 cm

Blue, Default, Green, Pink


With 16G Card, With 32G Card, With 8G Card, Without TF Card, 16G Card only, 32G Card only, 8G Card only

96 reviews for Children’s Waterproof Digital Camera HD

  1. F***r

    Correct even if the perfect plastic fragile. Full memory with 1 single photo, plan the purchase of a memory card at the same time to avoid the disappointment of your child not being able to make more photo

  2. O***r

    Very long delivery. Very small, but so cute. Everything works. Thank you.

  3. K***d

    Imagine bad quality! But very good for a 4 year old children

  4. M***l

    Beautiful, easy to use, very light
    no remark

  5. C***r

    Kvalita není úplně super, but myslím si, že pro Malé Děti bohatě postačí. Má and docela availab funkcí What se týče změny obrázku, takže si Děti určitě vyhrajou.

  6. F***r

    Received quickly. Will be offered later so no opinion

  7. L***e

    Very small I have not yet tested because it loads, it's more a toy in any case at first sight, for the quality to see

  8. E***s

    lovely little gift
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  9. P***p

    We haven't tried it yet, because I ordered it for a Christmas present, but it looks all right
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  10. P***p

    We haven't tried it yet because it'll be a gift for my nephew at Christmas. But in appearance all good.
    no remark

  11. P***n

    A perfect gift for a child who starts making his first pictures

  12. E***n

    Small but very pretty, I'm coming very soon. It's a gift so you haven't tried it yet. Well presented rigid box and nicely packed shockproof

  13. F***A

    Perfect! Perfect!

  14. E***a

    Super apparatus. Polecam

  15. 0***r

    muy bien

  16. B***a

    A arrived very fast about 2 weeks is such A picture. It's very small but perfect it's only left to test it
    no remark

  17. N***a

    They sent it very quickly everything well works perfect

  18. S***n

    Very chula smaller than expected but at the moment it looks good is for Christmas so we have to wait but it's okay for her to take her away from scursion. Thank you.

  19. J***E

    Compliant is really gadget and attention as sd as specify in the description that it is delivered with

  20. P***j

    Very fast shipping, camera is identical as the pictures. Recommend dokupić to it because otherwise memory card can not take pictures. Photo quality is not for good but for small baby enough.
    no remark

  21. D***l

    Arrived soon and well, not to try because it's for A gift

  22. F***a


  23. D***E

    Very small. Made for children. The photo quality looks average but largely sufficient for children.

  24. C***n

    Small, cute, light. Remember to put a micro-SD card and order one if necessary because the device does not have internal memory.

  25. D***o

    Packed very well was

  26. D***a

    Very small, completely plastic, at the first pallet will break. Corresponds to the price

  27. T***e

    Cute and small.

  28. M***

    Camera works. Very nice looks and is super light. Daughter will zachwycona.
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  29. A***a

    works good enough for kids to play

  30. C***i

    I haven't tried it yet because it'll be a gift. When my daughter proves it, I'll place another description. It's the same as the description.

  31. ש***ו

    Product reasonable the

  32. C***c

    Arrived super fast Much earlier than expected.

  33. M***e

    Exactly corresponds to the description

  34. M***e

    Very nice to start the photo. Works very well.

  35. L***l

    It is not clear how to see what pictures turned out. I did not understand how it turns off

  36. 8***r

    Very good shopping. Little and pretty. Ideal for a gift and especially for children. Perfect. Very fast shipping

  37. M***a

    A little small but very good for a child
    no remarkno remark

  38. R***r

    Gifts for New Year's grandchildren, just super

  39. I***a

    So far, quite a camera, like it works, but they did not put a memory card and we can not check. I'll add it later.

  40. S***r

    Very cute, the quality for a child is enough. By cons without SD card taking pictures impossible so it would be nice to mention it.
    no remarkno remark

  41. A***r

    I am shocked by product quality and very fast delivery, seller responsible. Everything came neatly packed waiting for the son under the Christmas tree, later I will unsubscribe as he is in practice. But from the fact that I tried the quality I liked the photos. It is small compact for children, more and no need for such a device. Delivery was within 10 days to Poland
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  42. A***r

    The card was neatly packed inside the box of the device. Everything works. Very satisfied with the product. Great thanks to the seller that quickly all sent out and a gift for the son had time for a Christmas tree. 10 days delivery
    no remarkno remark

  43. K***k

    As for this price is recommend. Batteries Best charge all night then little potrzyma

  44. E***a

    no remark

  45. E***a

    no remark

  46. F***a

    It's small but ideal for the smallest in the house. It doesn't really have much image quality but for them it's not bad. I recommend it.

  47. R***a

    A toy, no more

  48. I***z

    Plastic is very fair but as it is for a little girl the quality price is OK.
    no remark

  49. I***a

    Fail to test, package ok

  50. B***n

    la Cámara está muy bien, es pequeña pero por el precio que tiene está muy bien y para más manos pequeñita de los pequeños va bien, a mis sobrinos les ha encantado y todos somos felices.

  51. B***n

    Oh, great. It's small but my nephews loved it, for the price you have is very good.
    They are very happy and so am I. For your small hands is OK size

  52. B***n

    The memory card is necessary for the photo camera, but, it doesn't work 32 GB I think you'll have pqra do a few pictures and videos, so great, everyone is happy.

  53. B***n

    My niece is very happy with the photo camera. Miy's here fast. It's very small but for your handyman it goes very well, for the price you have is great. You have several possibilities of photos combining with frames and so on, very pretty.

  54. M***o

    It came to Me in time for Christmas, took three weeks.
    Very basic photos but the perfect camera size and material for my 3 year old sobri, he loved it.

  55. D***d

    OK. Photo quality is not powalająca but in the end it zabawkä. For good day card need to buy. General recommend

  56. A***a

    My daughter loves it

  57. A***n

    Pity he has nothing to remember

  58. Z***n

    Básica y simple. Pero la niña feliz de la vida y ese era el fin

  59. M***o

    Camera conforms to the description (really mini goes to the hands of a child of 2 years) this said very cute. Don't turn on yet.

  60. A***z

    Very fast

  61. P***r

    OK. Today Received camera is super. All works.
    Seller worthy command.

  62. P***r

    Super seller wywiązał with order. Equipment works. Recommend

  63. F***a

    Good, no wax the card.

  64. R***M

    Article conforms to the description. Delivery in 2 weeks

  65. V***s

    Product spectacular. As it appears the description. Great product.
    My girl loved gift

  66. S***e

    It is a toy but function well

  67. D***r

    Соответствует описанию. Шёл долго 40 дней.

  68. W***T

    Szybka wysyłka, towar dobrze zapakowany. Nic sie nie uszkodziło. Wszystko działa. Jakość zdjęć nie powala ale dla dziecka będzie jak najbardziej ok.

  69. A***p

    Not yet but doszedł używałam quickly

  70. P***r

    Camera is really cool. Recommend.

  71. E***a

    no remark

  72. I***v


  73. I***v

    It's OK

  74. K***a

    Shipment dotarła within 2 weeks. Photo quality could be better, but for this cene and so recommend 🙂

  75. K***a

    Shipment dotarła within 2 weeks

  76. R***a


  77. E***n

    Шикарная камера! Ребенок в восторге! спасибо продавцу!

  78. P***m

    Very fast delivery. Camera small but my 3 Latka very enjoys

  79. R***o

    The order arrived in 11 days in Mexico after the order confirmation, it is just what it says and it is very nice, I recommend the seller.
    no remarkno remark

  80. J***g

    Consistent with the description, fast delivery
    no remark

  81. M***m

    szybka dostawa do Polski w 2 tygodnie. Ładnie wygląda będziemy testować na święta.
    no remark

  82. M***m

    Fast shipping to Poland in 2 weeks. Looks nice we will test for the holidays.
    no remark

  83. M***m

    Fast shipping to Poland in 2 weeks. Looks nice we will test for the holidays.
    no remark

  84. R***r

    Very good product, ideal for children. Shipping has been very fast.

  85. G***v


  86. C***a

    Excelente relación calidad precio, ideal para niñes.

  87. L***h

    Perfect fast delivery, in 10 days

  88. L***h

    Almost perfect, consistent with the description, everything works perfectly except the USB cable that is not detected on the computer, to connect it I had to take another cable but it's not embarrassing for the operation of the device. I recommend, it makes nice picture and delivery in 10 days.
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  89. S***v

    Cool toy. The child in 3-4 years will be interested in clicking. Small, in the children's pen lies well. SD card on 16 GB sees. Cons: slightly dumps the menu. The display is not very high quality, very low resolution. Photos in twilight will not turn out, only good lighting.

  90. M***l


  91. J***c

    Well worth the money, express shipment.

  92. M***c

    It's come soon, what the girl hasn't used yet, I hope it goes well

  93. K***a

    Sūtījums līdz latvijai atnāca ļoti ātri- 13 dienās. Sapakots ļoti akurāti.
    Bērnam viegli saprotama rotaļlieta. Iegūto attēlu kvalitāte IR kā Jau pie 3 megapikseļiem, bet pasaules iepazīšanai noderīga. Mans 5 Gadus vecais bērns IR sajūsmā.
    Fotoaparātiņā IR pieejamas arī dažas spēles un attēlu Fonu izvēle, cash fotografēšanu padara jautrāku.
    Fotoaparātiņā IR pieejama angļu un krievu valoda.
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  94. O***n

    Excellent device for your money. The size is small and the quality of the photo is average, but this is what you need if the child wants to play a photographer.

  95. Y***e

    Right, just like the description but the package got a little bad but the article had no problems

  96. I***r

    buona per bimbi piccoli. nice camera for little children

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