Educational Wooden Montessori Toy

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Introduce your young learner to the world of education and entertainment with our captivating  “Educational Wooden Montessori Toy Puzzle.” Crafted with care, this educational toy offers an immersive and interactive playtime experience designed to nurture cognitive development, hand-eye coordination, and early math skills in children aged 1 to 3 years.


Why Choose “Montessori Wooden Math Fishing Puzzle”?


We believe in the power of play to ignite a love for learning. Our “Educational Wooden Montessori Toy Puzzle” does just that, offering an engaging and hands-on way for your child to explore math concepts, develop motor skills, and exercise their cognitive abilities.

With a focus on quality, education, and endless entertainment, this Montessori toy is the perfect addition to your child’s developmental journey. Watch as they reel in knowledge and joy while mastering early math skills.


  • Mathematical Exploration: Dive into the world of numbers and math with this engaging Montessori wooden toy, making learning an exciting adventure.



  • Hand-Eye Coordination: Enhance your child’s motor skills as they use the fishing rod to catch the corresponding wooden fish with numbers.


Product Information:

  • Material: Crafted from premium wooden materials, ensuring durability and a safe play experience.


  • Product Category: Classified as a three-dimensional puzzle, providing an engaging twist on traditional educational toys.


  • Packing Method: Presented in a kraft paper box, suitable for gifting and storage.


  • Product Function: Offers a balance of entertainment and learning, promoting cognitive development and hand-eye coordination.


Size Information:

  • Specification: Measures 22.20cm  by  45.26cm, providing a comfortable and manageable size for young hands.


“Elevate Learning Through Play – Unveil the Magic of Math Fishing with Our Educational Wooden Montessori Toy Puzzle. Let Their Education Begin with Joy!”
Educational Wooden Montessori Toy
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Educational Wooden Montessori Toy
Educational Wooden Montessori Toy
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Additional information

Weight 0.80 kg
Dimensions 45.26 × 22.20 × 10.00 cm

Digital board

100 reviews for Educational Wooden Montessori Toy

  1. R***r

    Хорошая доска, дочь в 2 года, очень любит с ней играть, сделано очень качественно, как на фото.

  2. A***a

    The goods are good, I thought there would be a little more size, but not critical! Very pleased with the delivery to Surgut in 16 days) Thanks!)

  3. M***a

    It came quickly, two weeks before Omsk, together with other goods in one package. The toy is good, but I thought it would be bigger, and here everything is fine. A little damaged edge, okay not very critical. When I rubbed the napkins, they were all black, because inside the form is not painted. I think if in the store in the live saw this toy, for such a price it would be a pity to take. But the child likes it, puts the details on the forms and fishes))), so the stars did not decrease.
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  4. I***i

    Perfect! As what they sell to shop for 40 euro

  5. B***g

    "My boys love them. Good quality with reasonable price.
    no remark

  6. J***r

    This is such a great wooden toy both my 7 year old and 3 year old love. It's sturdy and well made. The little pegs that hold the rings from 1 to 10 fit nicely into the top peg holes.
    no remark

  7. L***N

    Great!!!! A complete and entertaining game that allows you to learn with family

  8. V***v

    We took, so to speak, for growth, the child is only a year old. In general, we thought that there would be more in size

  9. D***r

    My 2 year old daughter loves it, she is already mastered with the letters, numbers, puzzle, fishing and counting the circles but we still do our daily routine since she loves doing it.
    no remark

  10. L***a

    I ordered 11.11.2020 to Tyumen, the order came on 18.01.2021, the quality does not match all the colors (
    no remark

  11. M***n

    "It is great for my 3 Year old! She loved it so much!!!
    no remark

  12. J***u

    "Great puzzle very educational my 2 year old loves it. use it to learn and sort out the number, alphabet and have fun with the fishes
    no remark

  13. S***s

    Very nice quality finish
    Small hic order in November arrived on January 20

  14. V***i

    The product is very nice.The shipping was amazing.It has arrived in less than 2 weeks.The price is a bit high.I'm not satisfied with the fact that it doesnt have certificates for safety for babies as they put everything in their mouth.

  15. P***a

    Quality is good! The child liked

  16. H***n


  17. 9***r

    Very nice I recommend
    no remark

  18. A***r

    Quite suitable for small treasure to play, the development of hands-on ability, is a puzzle, play at the same time can also let the child have a preliminary understanding of the number, see her laughing I was very happy
    no remark

  19. H***j

    We love it my son has been struggling with counting so I wanted something more visual and this counting set really helps him with shapes, colors, and numbers
    no remark

  20. L***a


  21. H***r

    First of all the quality is superb, and has very bright beautiful colors. I bought it for my 18 months old, it is a great Montessori toy for kids to learn the numbers and colors, also the motor skill.
    no remark

  22. D***j

    I bought this product so i could start practicing numbers with my toddler and it has been a hit very cute presentation
    no remark

  23. D***u

    "This was a gift to a 3+ year old child.
    She was THRILLED with it and I literally got goosebumps watching her learn with it."
    no remark

  24. H***j

    Love this puzzle!! It’s great for teaching kids numbers and not just identifying. It also teaches matching colors, and counting and practicing answering ‘how many’. A student I have that does not enjoy learning even loves this!
    no remark

  25. K***a

    Fastest shipping. The only but-stinks of fish. And even our hands stung after him. If you wipe it, I hope it will pass. And so a cool toy for development.
    no remarkno remark

  26. J***a

    Very nice, bring everything described.

  27. S***v

    OK! I'll add it later.

  28. I***o

    Delivery super fast, fishing cool
    no remark

  29. A***1

    Fast delivery the games are well packaged protection at the top
    no remarkno remark

  30. A***v

    Beautiful, bright educational toys on a wooden substrate, there is a magnetic fishing rod. Fast shipping. Seller recommend.

  31. B***b

    Ok, fast

  32. S***a

    It is very nice and with many activities. Bring a cloth bag to keep all the pieces

  33. Y***a

    The goods are cool. Very bright. Quality at altitude, but I did not put the numbers and the sign plus and minus. Opened the dispute returned the money. If it were not for this annoying accident, the product is just super.
    no remark

  34. G***v

    Very useful toy for kids. Thank you!

  35. M***h

    Quite suitable for small treasure to play, the development of hands-on ability, is a puzzle, play at the same time can also let the child have a preliminary understanding of the number, see her laughing I was very happy
    no remark

  36. C***y

    Quite suitable for small treasure to play, the development of hands-on ability, is a puzzle, play at the same time can also let the child have a preliminary understanding of the number, see her laughing I was very happy
    no remark

  37. B***w

    My toddler plays with this all day! He loved numbers before, but now he's reached a whole new level. This gave us a great way to teach beginning math. He pulls this puzzle out at least 5 times a day.
    no remarkno remark

  38. V***h

    My 3-year-old niece always likes watching movies, which is bad for her eyes, so she bought some blocks for her to play with. Her father said that she liked it very much, and she would play with it when she had dinner and before going to bed
    no remark

  39. T***g

    Fast delivery, within 2 weeks! Looks nice, some loves to play with it (2 years old).
    no remarkno remark

  40. Y***s

    "My boys love them. Good quality with reasonable price.
    no remarkno remark

  41. M***B

    "The colors of the product are so cute and bright. My 4-year old likes to play with them. The quality is great too. Will definitely recommend to anyone who wants to buy educational toys for their little ones.
    no remark

  42. J***j

    "This is a wonderful learning tool! The 3yr old loves the fishing game while the 7yr old helps teach him letters and strengthens her own spelling skills.
    no remark

  43. F***a

    "The different sections come in thier own zip locks and a bigger bag to hold them all. Got it for my son who is autistic and he enjoys it.
    no remark

  44. K***r

    Fantastic learning toy my grandson loves it !!!

  45. L***e

    Labai fainas IR kokybiškas. Supakuotas saugiai. Atėjo beveik per mėnesį. Rekomenduoju 100%!

  46. A***a

    All has come thank you

  47. K***a

    Thank you so much, I am very satisfy. 🙂

  48. D***d

    Very happy with my purchase and always well packaged thank you

  49. C***o

    Very good

  50. L***a

    Cool toy! the child is delighted with her.

  51. F***g

    Item came damaged (wood was chipped at the side). It looks like the wood at the side isn’t polished and the bubble wrap wasn’t fully wrapped around so it was damaged during shipping and seller told me I had to pay for shipping to ship it back when it said free returns on the item.

  52. S***a

    My daughter is very entertaining. All right, the board is a bit arched but it's no problem.

  53. J***y

    Excellent product, lovely and colourful, full of fun thank you

  54. M***Z

    All OK. Thanks

  55. V***k

    All very good quality and packed in air cushion! Shipping DPD. Later I will add a photo

  56. M***m

    Muy buen producto, rápido envío a España, bien protegido ek envío las piezas vienen en bolsas para su posterior orden. Buena calidad. El niño está encantado

  57. C***o

    Okay the quality, only it's small, in the picture it looks bigger and I thought it would be, But it's actually small and as a result the assembly parts are also very small I think it's suitable for children up to 3 years by the size of the parts can be dangerous for minors.
    no remark

  58. E***l

    Pack szła 19 days. All comply with the description. Nicely done. Mozliwośc tracking package.
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  59. A***n

    no remark

  60. M***e

    good and nice!

  61. A***t

    Just to report there is no box

  62. M***u

    the kid absolutely loved it and played for a few hours straight the first time he opened it. the quality is also very good. way better than I expected. I highly recommend it ☺️

  63. S***k

    Very happy with everything. Arrived very fast, in a week, colorful, letters fit perfectly, quality-very good price! Also, very well packaged. I'll ask for the little animals again.

  64. S***s


  65. E***a

    Игрушка очень крутая и качественная !!!! Рекомендую ) довольно быстро пришла

  66. C***s

    Estou super satisfeita com a compra.
    A entrega foi rápida, chegou dentro do prazo previsto e veio tudo muito bem embalado e conforme a descrição e imagem do produto.
    Para além de educativo é muito bonito e aparentemente é feito com um bom material.
    ADOREI !!
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  67. M***a

    no remark

  68. M***o

    Perfect. It came on the right date.

  69. R***r

    Pack in 3.5 week has come. Ladne made, small items, suitable for bigger baby. Small storage items attached to set.
    no remark

  70. A***a

    It's smaller actually small s love it, eye with under 3 years old

  71. G***r

    Product conforms to the description. The rooms are pretty and there are plenty of possibilities to awaken a child's abilities.

  72. E***b

    All in all it's cute.
    The sticks keep falling, so its not really comfortable to slide the circles around them.
    Otherwise it's good.

  73. Y***a

    ребенок в восторге!!! но есть замечания, во-первых, не такие яркие цвета, во-вторых чуть-чуть заляпано красками кое-где на доске. но это не так критично – чувства ребенка бесценны
    no remarkno remark

  74. A***k

    The set is very cool, made qualitatively, all wood are smooth, glossy, double-sided. The set is complete, packed well, nothing was damaged during transportation. Definitely recommend the seller and the goods!
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  75. E***a

    All Super, quality goods
    no remark

  76. G***s

    good product & recommended seller…… !!!

  77. B***7

    Came the order quite quickly, it's a pity that there was no box, but only a handbag made of fabric .. Wooden items are well processed, thanks

  78. R***t

    El tablero es bastante grande, trae todas las piezas para completarlo y unos peces con la caña con imán.
    debajo de cada letra hay un objeto con esa letra en inglés

  79. L***n

    The child really liked this development.

  80. 2***r

    Very nice toy but of average quality. The wooden board arrived gondolee but good for the price, it will do the job anyway.

  81. A***a

    Very cool thing! Ordered as a gift such, and now have purchased yourself
    no remark

  82. E***r

    Super pleased! Just like pictures.
    no remarkno remark

  83. L***r

    The grandson plays all evening, the order came quickly, the courier brought to the apartment. YAY!!

  84. S***e

    Products exactly like the description very calitative I highly recommend this item and this seller products received in 8 days perfect packaging
    no remark

  85. Z***a

    Nice, is perfectli

  86. Y***y

    The goods went to Poland for 25 days. The toy was packed perfectly. Of the minuses, the last two wooden sticks are loosely included in the holes and a little can be rolled aside, when playing it does not interfere and are not visible from the side. The colors are beautiful, the colors of the plastic circles are slightly different (they are brighter) from the colors of the wooden figures.
    In general, the toy really liked my children, they are satisfied
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  87. G***v

    Looks very interesting, the child will not be bored
    no remarkno remark

  88. Y***y


  89. K***a

    The most elegant toy!!!!!! Bright, quality, beautiful little animals!!!!!

  90. 1***r

    Attention parts quite small, beautiful product

  91. A***a

    A good toy, its money is worth exactly. Executed well, all the parts are painted, there is no smell, magnets on fish and frogs are good. I took it for a gift, I'll order it later. Recommend!!
    One single minus is the inscriptions-the tsmfrs slightly moved down, completely visible only if the board is put, but for me it is not significant. And the board is slightly bent, but for me it is also not very critical.
    Delivery to Moscow 10 days
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  92. D***c

    Top Product super quality further so

  93. R***a

    Me ha parecido muy bonito tal cual se mostraba la foto, lo recomiendo las piezas se ven de calidad, en menos de una semana ha llegado a españa vendedor recomendable 100%
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  94. S***n

    The board was damaged ((((
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  95. V***a

    The child liked

  96. V***s

    Very complete. But smaller than I expected.

  97. M***i

    Even better than what I expected. Colors are beautiful, well done and safe
    no remark

  98. G***o


  99. A***n

    Perfect and fast

  100. V***c

    The goods are good enough bright. Packed well was packed. In the picture there were more. But for a child, the size is 45 cm by 22 cm normal. In general, a good developing Board. Thinking to the child interestno will play with her.
    no remark

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