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Our ‘Help Child to Read Oxford Picture Reading Book’ series is more than a collection; it’s an investment in your child’s literacy, imagination, and future success.

Let us join hands in nurturing the next generation of avid readers and lifelong learners. Choose the perfect set for your child and embark on a reading adventure like no other to Help Child to Read .


Introducing the Ultimate Reading Companion: Help Child to Read with the Oxford Picture Reading Book Series!

As a distinguished children’s publisher with years of experience, I am delighted to present a literary treasure that will open the doors to a world of imagination, learning, and joy. Our ‘Help Child to Read Oxford Picture Reading Book’ is more than just a collection of stories; it’s a transformative tool designed to nurture your child’s reading journey from the very first step.

? Features That Set Our Books Apart:

  • Oxford Reading Tree English Books: Renowned for their educational excellence, these books are crafted by language experts to ensure your child’s linguistic growth. The carefully curated content aligns with language development milestones, making learning an enjoyable process to Help Child to Read


  • Level 1-9 Progression: From the foundational Level 1 to the advanced Level 9, our series seamlessly guides your child’s reading proficiency. With each level, your child conquers new challenges and celebrates remarkable victories, building both literacy skills and confidence.


  • Engaging Picture Books for Bedtime Story: Immerse your child in enchanting narratives as you share bedtime stories together. Our picture books kindle their imagination, fostering a love for reading that will stay with them for a lifetime.


  • Aiding Learning with Every Page Turn: Every book in our collection boasts 24-32 pages filled with vibrant illustrations and carefully selected words. This synergy of visual and textual elements aids comprehension, vocabulary expansion, and overall cognitive development.


? Book Specifications:

  • Book Size: Each book measures a comfortable 20.3 x 16.7 cm, perfect for little hands to hold and explore.


? Progressive Learning Levels:

  • Level 1-3: Getting Reading to Read – 33 captivating books
  • Level 4-6: Starting to Read – 25 engaging books
  • Level 7-9: Developing as a Reader – 40 inspiring books


? Customized Sets for Precise Learning:

  • Option A: Embrace the Point-Reading Version with a Full Set of 33 volumes from Levels 1-3, ideal for early readers embarking on their reading journey.


  • Option B: Dive into the Point-Reading Version with a Full Set of 25 volumes from Levels 4-6, perfect for readers gaining confidence.


  • Option C: Elevate your child’s reading prowess with the Full Set of 40 volumes from Levels 7-9, catering to advanced readers embracing diverse literary circumstances.


Help Child to Read
Help Child to Read
Help Child to Read
Help Child to Read Picture Book


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Weight 3.00 kg
Dimensions 250 × 200 × 200 cm

A, A2pcs, B, B2pcs, C, C2pcs

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