Soft Baby Book Cards For Early Education Visuals


Introducing the Black and White Fun Soft Baby Book Cards- a must-have for early education visuals and stimulating your baby’s visual development!


From birth, babies have blurry vision, and their visible range is limited to 20~30CM under a full moon. However, within just 3 months, their field of view expands to 180 degrees, and they begin to recognize colors gradually. That’s why visual development doctors recommend black and white cards and color cards for newborns.

Our soft baby book cards are designed with your little one’s visual development in mind. Measuring 171515cm and weighing approximately 170g, this compact book is the perfect size for small hands. It features 20 sheets of 40 sides, providing ample content to engage your baby’s curiosity and learning.

The first and last two pages of the book are thoughtfully designed with rustling paper, creating a delightful sound when touched. Not only does this attract your baby’s attention, but it also enhances the overall play fun, keeping them entertained for hours on end.

To make storage and transportation a breeze, this fantastic book comes with a convenient tote bag. This ensures that you can take it with you on family outings or easily store it at home.

Ideal for babies aged 0-3 years old, the Black and White Fun Soft Baby Book Cars are an excellent educational tool that encourages early visual development. Invest in your baby’s growth and provide them with the best learning experience right from the start!

Order yours today and watch as your baby’s curiosity and cognitive abilities flourish with every flip of the page.


Packing list:

Soft Baby Book Cards Cloth Book x1set

Soft Baby Book
Soft Baby Book
Soft Baby Book
Soft Baby Book

Soft Baby Book

Soft Baby Book
Soft Baby Book

Additional information

Weight 0.17 kg
Dimensions 170 × 150 × 150 cm

Within12months, Within3months, Within6months


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