Soft Baby Book Nontoxic Fabric Rattles Crinkle Book


Discover a world of adventure and learning with our Soft Baby Book. Engage your baby’s senses, nurture their curiosity, and promote early cognitive development. Buy now for a safe and enchanting experience.Let the baby enjoy touch and sounds of this Soft Baby Book. Let start exploring curiosity


Introduce your little one to a world of wonder with our Soft Baby Book Nontoxic Fabric Rattles Crinkle Cloth Book. Designed to cultivate your baby’s cognition, this interactive cloth book stimulates their senses and sparks curiosity from the very beginning.

Both the front cover and the back cover have sound papers, starting from cultivating baby’s cognition. Many different scene settings, daily mini games, hide-and-seek scenes, different scenes are designed in different ways, and you can find the fun when you open it.

Endless Delight in Every Page

Our Soft Baby Book features four engaging pages and eight sides, packed with captivating content that will keep your baby entertained for hours on end. Each page offers a new surprise, from adorable characters to interactive elements that make learning a joyful experience.

Stimulate Early Learning

Designed with your baby’s developmental needs in mind, our Soft Baby Book combines entertainment with education. The carefully curated content introduces essential concepts such as colors, shapes, animals, and more. As your baby explores the pages, they’ll develop their cognitive skills and expand their knowledge in a fun and engaging way.

Safe and Non-Toxic

Crafted from high-quality, non-toxic fabric, our Soft Baby Book ensures a safe and worry-free playtime. We understand the importance of providing a product that meets the highest safety standards, allowing you to enjoy precious moments with your baby without any concerns

Product description:

Size: 18.5*15*1.5cm, Net weight: 0.09kg

Cloth book with 4 pages and 8 sides / rich and interesting content


Soft Baby Book

Soft Baby Book
Soft Baby Book
Soft Baby Book
Soft Baby Book
Soft Baby Book
Soft Baby Book


Additional information

Weight 0.06 kg
Dimensions 200 × 180 × 50 cm

Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, Rose Red, Yellow


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