Wooden Montessori Toy Teach Numbers Counting

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Discover the perfect educational tool to ignite your child’s love for learning while inspired by nature – our “Wooden Montessori Toy Teach Numbers Counting “! Crafted with premium beech logs, this Numbers Counting board is designed to stimulate young minds and foster a deeper understanding of numbers and patterns.


Why Choose the Wooden Montessori Toy to Teach Numbers Counting ?

As parents, we understand the significance of providing children with engaging and sustainable learning tools. Our “Wooden Montessori Toy ” not only sparks curiosity and a love for numbers but also nurtures a connection with the wonders of nature. Watch as your child explores, learns, and develops essential mathematical skills in a hands-on and immersive manner.

Embrace the beauty of natural materials and inspire a lifelong love for learning with this Wooden Montessori Toy to teach  numbers counting. Elevate your child’s educational journey with a sustainable and nature-inspired approach to counting and mathematical concepts.


  • Natural Beech Logs: Made from sustainable beech logs, our counting board showcases the natural beauty of wood grain and knots, providing a sensory-rich learning experience.
  • Versatile Size Options:
    • Horizontal Version: LengthWidthHeight = 2415.58 inches
    • Vertical Version: LengthWidthHeight = 15.5820 inches

Important Notices:

1. Solid Wood Deformation: Solid wood products may experience minor deformation due to varying climates and humidity levels. This is a natural characteristic and not considered a quality issue or eligible for return or exchange.

2. Embracing Nature: We cherish nature and its imperfections. The presence of wood grain and knots adds to the uniqueness of each piece, reflecting the beauty of the natural world. Such characteristics are not considered quality issues and are not eligible for return or exchange.

3. Marked Logs: Our logs are carefully selected and marked for grinding purposes only, without any additional treatment.

Nurture Curiosity and Discover the Wonders of Numbers – Order Now!

Packing list:

Wooden board*10pc(1set)


Wooden Montessori Toy
Wooden Montessori Toy
Wooden Montessori Toy
Wooden Montessori Toy
Wooden Montessori Toy
Wooden Montessori Toy
Wooden Montessori Toy

Additional information

Weight 2.00 kg
Dimensions 240 × 160 × 100 cm

Horizontal 10pc set, Vertical 10pc set


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